Playing Music for Global Peace

Every week Louise Oliver uploads a new focus for the Rays of Peace global peace meditation.  I like the fact that anyone in the world can engage with Rays of Peace throughout the week, wherever they are.  The meditation times are 3, 6, 9 or 12 o’clock local time, to keep an ongoing focus around the Earth.  I regularly connect by playing my harp at any one of these hours.

I have always been interested in doing something beneficial for the environment and have always loved playing stringed musical instruments (see: Playing Music in the Environment).  Rays of Peace has allowed me the opportunity to bring these two passions together.  Although I enjoy playing music for music’s sake, I find that when I play for the weekly focus, I feel a sense of purpose, as well as a connection to the greater whole.  I also feel fulfilled in the knowledge that I am doing something of benefit to the planet.

While play the harp, I ask that the music is sent to the current Rays of Peace focus. From my understanding of metaphysics, through my training with The Academy of Spiritual Sciences, I know that the rainbow notes are travelling through the ether to the particular location.

By connecting to networks with a positive focus, we can, in simple ways, bring about positive change for the planet from our own homes, with very little effort and great enjoyment!  We can feel a sense of connection to like-minded people, which can help overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Since 2011, I have joined the Harpists for Peace annual focus.  This has been an opportunity to connect to a musical community with a common purpose and on 9/11 in 2011, I was inspired to create this music video: