The Three Noble Strains of Irish Harp Music

The Harp
Healer of each wounded warrior,
Comforter of each fine woman,
Guiding refrain over the blue water,
Image-laden, sweet-sounding music!

From The Book of the O’Connor Don

In Celtic mythology, we’re told about The Dagda (the Good god of the Gaelic gods) who was a king within the fairy race known as the Tuatha de Danann.  The Dagda had a magical and enchanting harp, which he took everywhere and which would come to him when he called.

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The Story of the Lyre

Awake, my soul! Awake, harp and lyre!  I will awaken the dawn.”

Psalm 57:8, The Bible

The lyre is an ancient musical instrument that has a sound box (or resonator) with two arms connecting a crossbar and strings of similar length running parallel to its length.  The instrument has changed through time and place, with variations in the number of strings, how it was held, the materials the strings and bodies were made from and whether it was plucked, strummed, or played with a plectrum.

Lyres were played in many lands across the ancient world.  The oldest known surviving lyre dates back to 2800 BC in Sumeria.  The Sumerians held their lyres vertically, with the crossbar at the top. The Egyptians played them with the crossbar pointing out away from their body.  The Saxons would accompany their evening fireside storytelling by strumming music from the lyre. Continue reading The Story of the Lyre

Harp Music in Bluebell Wood

 The Earth has music for those who listen.

William Shakespeare

Music in the air, music in the sea, music in the animals, music in the trees – the music of the spheres is there to be heard within everything upon the Earth.

The sound of the bird song, the sparkling of the spring and the whistling of the wind all contribute to the song that nature constantly sings.  By spending time in nature, we can feel rejuvenated as our stresses and tensions melt away with the sights, scents and sounds.  We can breathe in the fresh air and allow ourselves to be serenaded by the birds and wind in the leaves.

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