Intuitive Harp Lessons

Online tuition of small harps for adults and children

* Learn the ancient principles of playing the harp intuitively
* Discover musical skills
* Learn to create music
* Experience healing from the harp
* No musical experience required

Discover your own musical creativity through plucking and strumming of the harp.  Learn to play composed and intuitive harp music by exploring the strings.  Former students have been surprised to discover how pleasant their music sounds.

Children really enjoy learning to play the harp.

Various teaching methods will be taught, adapted to suit your individual needs.  The teaching style involves muscle memory, which is linked to motor learning with tasks remembered through repetition.  Your muscles will remember the sequences of repetitive patterns, movements and finger shapes, enabling you to repeat actions without thinking about them.  You will then be able to feel the music you are playing, relaxing your mind and creating an enjoyable learning experience.

Former student, Julie Thompson from East Yorkshire, UK, playing the harp in the natural environment.

One of the biggest barriers to learning an instrument is the fear of making mistakes.  These lessons will provide a safe environment where errors are allowed without criticism and you will be encouraged to play through mistakes.

Harp music can be therapeutic and learning to play the harp will tap into this healing energy.  These intuitive harp lessons incorporate the Emerald Alignment, a relaxing energy field alignment that will encourage creative music energy to flow through your body and into the strings.  Stress, tension and creative blocks will release from body and mind, clearing subtle energetic pathways, enhancing your ability to connect to intuition.  This process will enable you to access the creative aspects of the brain, improving your musical flow.

Learning to play the harp can help you to discover subconscious aspects of yourself, for example the urge to rush ahead, or to want to be overly critical.  Lessons can focus on addressing some of these patterns of behaviour in a kind and non-judgemental environment.

Lessons are taught with the harp tuned to A = 432 Hz – the universal frequency of sacred geometry, which has a calming effect on body and mind.

Former student, Maria Angel Costa from Spain, playing the harp in the local Spanish countryside.

On your first lesson, you will receive your free pdf of the Vibrational Healing Harp Manual, which will support your learning experience.

Lessons are 45 minutes and take place via Zoom.  A free 20-minute video call explains the lessons and answers your questions.

I look forward to hearing from you

Time: 45 minutes
Price: £25 via Paypal

Rebecca Penkett:

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