Harp Lesson Testimonials

“I have been taking harp lessons with Rebecca for over a year now, and I am consistently blown away by her ability to create a positive and supportive learning environment.  From the very first lesson, Rebecca has made me feel calm, understood, and empowered to learn the harp.  Her teaching style is patient and encouraging, and she is always willing to take the time to explain things in a way that I can understand.  She is very skilled at adapting her teaching style to meet the needs of each individual student, which has been invaluable for me as I learn the harp.  In addition to her exceptional teaching skills, Rebecca is also an incredibly talented harpist herself.  Watching her perform and learning from her has been a true joy, and I am constantly amazed by her musical abilities.  Overall, I would recommend harp lessons with Rebecca without hesitation.  She is an outstanding teacher and I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from and know her.”

Bridget McGinn, Boston, MA, USA


“Rebecca has been the perfect harp teacher for me.  I live with the long-term effects of a head injury, which has affected my memory.  I was concerned about going to harp lessons as I knew it would be cognitively challenging for me, though beneficial in terms of balancing the right and left functions of my brain and learning something new.  Rebecca’s style of teaching is very patient and meets you at your own level.  Her approach to the body remembering, through cellular memory (muscle memory), worked to my strength, as I did not have to rely purely on my own memory (my weakness) in the learning process.  She naturally followed my own speed and progress, giving encouragement all the way.  It has taken a few years and a lot of patience to get to the level I am now.  However, it is worth it, as I will now be playing a set of harp tunes, along with my intuitive music at the reception of my niece’s wedding on Winter Solstice.”

Shelley Robinson, West Yorkshire, UK


“My first harp lesson was on my birthday and it was wonderful and inspiring.  I found Rebecca very kind, patient, nurturing and calm.  I also found it was much more than learning the harp – it was about myself, my alignment, where the music came from and Pythagoras’ work.  I just loved it all and looked forward to each lesson.  I found the harp very soothing and healing.  From the pieces composed by Rebecca that she taught me, I felt uplifted and creativity flowed through me, enabling me to create some tunes myself from the structures I had learnt.  I also had healing harp therapy with Rebecca, which was most revealing and helpful as well as nurturing.  Rebecca has a beautiful gift with her music.”

Julie Thompson, East Yorkshire, UK

Julie won Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s competition with her own harp composition, played in a bluebell wood.


“I’ve always enjoyed the ‘rigour’ of playing the harp.  With my working life dominated by deliverables, timelines and strategies it is easy to give over to over calculating the probability of events and actions.  In effect your mind rushes ahead constantly falling faster forward in an attempt to predict the future.  By playing the harp you are reminded that you cannot rush the song – everything has to be done with grace and timing.  A lesson I learned years ago in Karate but seemingly need a refresher for other aspects of my life.”

Jim Lees, Cambridge, UK


“I will be happy to tell you about my experience with the harp… mainly the wonderful effects of the vibration of the sound and the fact of making my own healing music…  I will continue to use my harp mainly for relaxation and attunement with my deeper Self.  And now that a wonderful happening is blessing my life, as I’m expecting a baby and the benefits the vibrations of the harp can have in my pregnancy I feel can be very rewarding for me and for my baby still living in my belly and bring deep connection between us.”

Maria Angel Costa, Spain

Maria Angel has gone on to create: Harp music for the inner journey, connection to nature’s magic and ancient feminine lineages.


“The one thing which is more noticeable for me, both when hearing and even more when playing the harp, is a sense of ‘release’: like letting go of tensions and constraints in my brain and concentrating on the here and now.  Additionally, I felt the enormous power of sound vibration (both from the harp and voice) and how they can stimulate different feelings, mostly of calm, strength and communion, not by going through the brain (i.e. from thinking or rationalising) but by going through the body (i.e. through your sensory perception).”

Maria Russo, Cambridge, UK


“I loved the emerald alignment, I found it very grounding.  You were very patient with me as I was trying to understand what I wanted from my harp.  Thank you for opening me up to the delights of intuitive harp music.  It is so incredible that after only one online lesson (my first music lesson ever in my 40s!), I could play the harp for a group of meditating women.  I cannot wait to try out your inspiring idea of playing the harp at ancient sites outside.  Thank you for all your caring support and guidance, you have given me a precious gift of trusting in myself that I can play the harp beautifully – it was something I have dreamed about my whole life.”

Goldie Weltscher, Manchester, UK

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