Harp Music


Visit the Harp Alignment YouTube channel to watch over 40 harp and lyre videos.


Harp Connections is an hour of intuitive and composed music from the harp to aid relaxation.  This healing music has balm qualities and can help reduce stress and tension, clear the mind and improve focus.

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Beyond the Sea is soothing harp music to bring comfort during the period at the end of the life and through the grieving process.

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In 2002, while training in holistic therapies with The Academy of Spiritual Sciences, Rebecca bought a harp and was encouraged by Carol Lamb  (course tutor) to teach herself to play intuitively.   Although Rebecca played guitar and mandolin, she had not created music and wondered how it would happen.  As she learned the principles of energy alignment through meditation and the Emerald Alignment, she noticed music began flowing spontaneously and that thinking about what was happening disengaged the flow.  The more Rebecca learned to disengage her mind, the longer she sustained the intuitive connection, enabling creative musical energy to flow through the body and into the strings.  She felt as if she was in the audience not knowing what would come next and becoming aware of different musical influences, prompting her to compose short pieces.