Healing Music in Community Care Testimonials

“Rebecca came to our Care Home and our residents thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon listening to Rebecca sing and play the mandolin and ukulele, all very well know songs, which they could sing along to (which they did!!).  The guitar section was beautiful, the room was silent (which doesn’t happen very often).  Then Rebecca started playing the harp – the music was very soothing and relaxing, quite a few residents closed their eyes and some drifted off to sleep, it was so relaxing.  At the end Rebecca let everyone have a go with the harp, which ended the afternoon off perfectly.  All the residents’ feedback was that they really enjoyed it and would love to have Rebecca again!”

Louise Pennington, Activity Coordinator, Summerfield Care Home, Silsden, West Yorkshire


“Rebecca visited our care home on the 9th August 2018.  Our residents have varying types of dementia and they listened intently whilst Rebecca sang and played the various instruments.  Rebecca chose songs that the residents remembered and they all sang along.  She sang a version of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ while playing the ukulele and they loved it.  Whilst she played the harp, our room went silent as the music was mesmerising, the residents were so quiet, unusually, so it was a lovely moment and it felt very calm.  Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and even talked about it the following day.  We would welcome Rebecca back again!”

Laura, Activity Coordinator, Claremont House, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire


“Recently Ash had the pleasure of Harp Therapist, Rebecca Penkett, who played soothing therapeutic harp music, Spanish guitar and sang ‘old favourites’ using the mandolin and ukulele.  The ladies and gentlemen enjoyed an afternoon singing along and just sitting back listening to the beautiful sound of the harp.  When Rebecca played, it seemed to promote a soothing and very calming environment.  Studies show that the harp can lower blood pressure, reduce pain, anxiety and stress, especially in Alzheimer’s disease.  The music definitely had a positive effect on Ash as some ladies and gentlemen were singing when normally they are extremely quiet and it seemed to soothe those that sometimes can be a little agitated.  Kirstie (Activity Coordinator) said, “it was a lovely afternoon and was great to see people expressing themselves in ways that they wouldn’t normally, I could tell everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”  At the end of the session Rebecca welcomed people to have a go on the harp.  Two people were certainly in awe of the instrument.  One man could “not stop smiling”.  Thank you Rebecca for sharing such a lovely talent and special gift.”

Kirstie, Activity Coordinator, Stocks Hall Andrew Smith House Ash Unit, Nelson, Lancashire


“The residents at our home were so taken in by the music – it was relaxing, interesting and away from the norm.  The residents thoroughly enjoyed playing the harp at the end and many of them are still discussing the experience with their friends and families.  Thank you again for providing us with the session – it was highly enjoyed.”

Jessica Reilly, Activity Coordinator, Thornhill, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


“It was the first time Rebecca had been to Steeton Court Nursing Home and we were all excited to hear and see this new act.  Rebecca played the mandolin, ukulele, guitar and harp.  Residents joined in singing to favourites such as ‘Que Sera Sera’, ‘Drunken Sailor’, ‘Danny Boy’ and many other popular songs.  Rebecca played some Spanish classical guitar music and everyone was engaged in listening to the clear sound in the depth of silence.  Rebecca then played the harp and the residents were all so relaxed listening to this beautiful sound in such a tranquil environment.  Rebecca let all the residents have a strum on the harp and explained about the other stringed instruments.  Feedback from residents and relatives was very complementary with all enjoying this afternoon of musical therapy.  Thank you Rebecca for a lovely afternoon.”

Tracy, Vee and Denise, Activity Coordinators, Steeton Court, Steeton, West Yorkshire


“What a wonderful and unique experience it was for Rebecca to come and play her instruments and sing for us at Sycamore Park Care Home.  Rebecca has a wonderful soothing voice that brought tears of happiness to some of our residents’ eyes.  The ukulele and harp were just beautiful to listen to and I would recommend Rebecca to other care homes.  Thank you Rebecca.”

Amy Walker, Activity Coordinator, Sycamore Park, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


“The residents loved the instruments Rebecca played and it was very relaxing.  Our residents really enjoyed having a little go playing the harp.  We would recommend Rebecca to any home.  Thank you for coming.”

Rebecca Bill, Activity Coordinator, Barrock Court, Low Hesket, Carlisle, Cumbria


“Thank you so much for coming to our home the residents really enjoyed the afternoon and found it very therapeutic and enjoyed having a go on the instruments you brought.  The music was very soothing and calming for the residents and we would definitely book you again.”

Susan Burke, Activity Coordinator, Sandholme Fold, Hipperholme, Halifax, West Yorkshire


Lydgate Lodge, Batley, West Yorkshire


“Rebecca visited our care home in November 2018 and our residents and staff thoroughly enjoyed it!  We would highly recommend Rebecca and will definitely be booking again in the near future.  What a lovely lady with a wonderful talent! Thank you.”

Helen, Wellbeing Coordinator, Airdale, Pudsey, Leeds, West Yorkshire


“Residents and family members really enjoyed the guitar and harp and said that they could imagine themselves in a warm country or they just felt a lot more relaxed with the music.”

Cate Brock, Activity Coordinator, Park House, Queensbury, West Yorkshire


Fairmount Nursing Home, Nab Wood, West Yorkshire

Comments During Sessions

“I found it soothing, calming, pleasant and relaxing.  It was just right – the songs were recognisable by everyone of this generation.  It was lovely not to have any loud amplification or pop music drums.”
Resident, Solway House, Maryport, Cumbria

“The music brought a lot of joy to me.”
Resident, Aden Court, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

“The harp was magical. I feel moved and tingly all over.”
Resident, Teal Beck House, Otley, West Yorkshire

“The residents became very calm and settled with the guitar and harp, I really noticed the difference in the room – I’ve never heard it so quiet.”
Jody, Activity Coordinator, Asquith Hall, Todmorden, West Yorkshire

“I had some pain in my back before you played but I feel more relaxed now.”
Resident, St Luke’s Nursing Home, Calverley, Leeds, West Yorkshire

“One resident had been very agitated earlier but was really calmed by the music.”
Carer, Wingfield Nursing Home, Bingley, West Yorkshire

“The residents enjoyed watching the instruments being played, which was something different for them.”
Jade, Activity Coordinator, Millreed Lodge, Walsden, West Yorkshire

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