Movement and Music

A unique approach to health and healing combining
Therapeutic Movement through gentle Yoga exercises and
Intuitive Harp Music with Energy Alignment.

Online Sessions for Individuals or
Groups: Thursdays, 11am GMT

These movement and music sessions assist energetic flow to restore health by accelerating light at the cellular level, energising and increasing flow.  Research shows that conscious and subconscious memory related to trauma or illness is held within the cells and tissues of the body.  Muscle tension associated with muscle memory increases pain and discomfort, the programme focuses on releasing memory from the cells within specific parts of the body.

Yoga postures and breathing have benefitted mankind since ancient times.  Slow movements with deep breathing increase blood flow and warm the muscles.  Scientific evidence shows that yoga can help reduce stress, relax the body, positively support mental health and improve sleep.  Moving in and out of postures causes muscles to stretch and contract and the organs to move, increasing lymph drainage and strengthening the immune system.  The practise of yoga encourages awareness towards a positive focus within the present moment through breath awareness.  Regular movement through yoga can reduce depression bringing a sense of empowerment by engaging in positive self-help activity.

Sessions incorporate intuitively received harp music relating uniquely to your specific condition.  The harp has long been used to heal suffering with music and sound recognised as key elements of healing.  Harp strumming cleanses the body at a cellular level, assisting integration of movement from the yoga postures.  The 6th century BC philosopher, Pythagoras, the Father of Medicine, prescribed musical remedies for different ailments, to safely release pain, memories and feelings related to negative experiences.  Modern research has demonstrated the positive effects of harmonious harp music, which has been shown to reduce anxiety, assist breathing and bring pain relief.  The harmonies of the harp soothes troubled minds, comforts the soul, heals broken hearts and gently releases trauma and pain from the past.

The Emerald Alignment practise completes the session and can be used as a self-help method alone.  The Emerald Alignment provides a positive focus, aligning the flow of subtle energy within the body.  The human energy field (scientifically referred to as the electromagnetic field) also known as chi or prana, surrounds the human body, identified as bands relating to intuition, thoughts and emotions.  In health, energy flows throughout the subtle energy or chakra system via the spine and central nervous system to the cells of the body, mirroring the anatomical system.  Life depends upon a balanced movement of this energy, illness and dis-ease occur if it is disrupted.  Trauma, accident, worry or illness causes reduction in flow, leading to imbalance which can surface as pain or discomfort.  Energy alignment restores health.

Group Sessions

Thursdays 11am GMT
1 hour via Zoom.  £8 via Paypal

Individual Appointments

1 hour via Zoom.  £35 via Paypal
A free 20-minute video call explains the sessions and answers your questions.

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