My Story

Rebecca Penkett

As a child I was always drawn to musical instruments and gymnastics.  As an adult I came to recognise the importance of maintaining connection to childhood dreams and interests and these, in time, became the foundation of my life’s work.

I went to acrobatics classes and had guitar lessons as a teenager before going to Canterbury Christ Church University, where I graduated in Tourism and Business Studies.  I worked as a Senior Administrator within Atmospheric Science at the University of Cambridge for twelve years, which I found to be a positive and valuable experience.  The role involved general project management and the organisation of international scientific conferences.  During this period, I started attending Iyengar Yoga classes, learned new finger-picking and classical pieces on the guitar and taught myself to play the mandolin.

My social life involved clubbing and parties where drinking large amounts of alcohol was the order of the day but the next morning, after the elation had worn off, I often felt lost and alone.  Although I was playing music, practising yoga and doing a job that was helping the environment, I eventually felt unfulfilled and disillusioned and thought that there must be more to life than this.  I didn’t know where to look or indeed what I was looking for, yet something guided me to my next life-changing step…

In November 2001, whilst visiting my sister in Yorkshire, we attended a seminar about angels presented by Carol Lamb.  At the end of the day, Carol talked through a simple way of releasing stress and tension and restoring balance in our lives – this was the first time I experienced the Emerald Alignment.  I was really inspired by the spiritual teaching and decided I wanted to be a part of this work in some way – I had no idea how but boldly ventured upon a journey that would become my life’s work.

I enrolled on courses in Healing Energies and Soul Recall Therapy with The Academy of Spiritual Sciences and trained in the Rainbow Chakra Toning System.  During this time, I bought a small harp and was encouraged by Carol to teach myself to play intuitively.  I had no musical qualifications and had never created music before but with regular practice of the Emerald Alignment prior to playing, the music started coming through.

I graduated as an Holistic Therapist and Teacher of Toning.  Through my training with The Academy of Spiritual Sciences I gained a sense of purpose in life, which led me to establish Harp Alignment.  I developed Harp Lessons based on the style of creative music I had taught myself.  With this new sense of direction, I decided to move from Cambridge to West Yorkshire to work with Rainbow Light Trust.  Postgraduate studies continued with the Academy’s Musical Medicine teacher training and I learned about the healing power of sound vibration from Jennifer Warters, who also taught me how to sing.

Through my Iyengar Yoga practice, I gained an interest in cellular and muscle memory and enrolled on further Post Graduate training with the Academy.  I ran a Harp Therapy Clinic, which incorporated intuitively received harp music and energy field alignment to restore health in daily life.  This area of my work took me to the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune, India in 2014.

My work now focuses on playing Healing Music in Community Care.  I played intuitive harp music to both my grandmother and to my friend, Doris Lamb, at the end of their lives.  This inspired me to worked as a Care Assistant in a care home, to learn and understand more about working with people in the later years of their lives.  I took the initiative to develop my music and singing and now play to people in residential care homes and nursing homes in the North of England, which I have found to be a very rewarding experience.

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